Pelham City Hall

CMH worked with the City of Pelham, Alabama, on the design and construction for the renovation of their city hall building. The existing ±25,000-square-foot Pelham City Hall was formerly a library, a fire station, and also a municipal jail building. CMH reprogrammed and redesigned the interior of the building to include an all-new City Council Chambers, Mayor’s office, multiple conference rooms, Finance Department, Inspections & Plans Review, and Development Services. The project began as a 100-percent interior renovation but evolved into a complete reconstruction of the building’s roof design, front entry stairs, porch, ramp, and waterproofing and drainage systems. For the new exterior entrance into the City Council Chambers area, CMH designed a freestanding aluminum canopy to provide weather protection for guests who have to queue to enter the building.

Location : City of Pelham, Alabama

Size: 25,000 SF

Completion : 2023

“A facility like this comes with a lot of work. It reflects on our city as a whole, and it’s something we should all be proud of. City Hall has been here for a long time, but having the new City Hall is wonderful and turns a new leaf over.”

Rick Wash
City of Pelham Councilmember