Anniston Justice Center | Justin Sollohub Judicial Center

Working closely with police and other staff, as well as including local community members in open charrettes, CMH designed a building for the City of Anniston, Alabama. The facility was located opposite Zinn Park downtown and included a new police department headquarters with e911 center, crime lab, and evidence storage, as well as the municipal court, and a 110-bed municipal jail facility.

Location: Anniston, Alabama

Size: 57,500 SF

Completion : 2012

The crime lab we designed in this project had the most innovative security system that we had seen at that time.

Also, we put the newest state-of-the-art touchscreen security system in the 110-bed jail. The two systems were the newest technology on the market and using them in this project led us to easily employ them in other projects.

Billy Morace
Quality Control & Construction Administrator, CMH Architects

It has been a pleasure to work with CMH.

They have been readily available, easy to contact, and responsive in addressing our needs and concerns. We are pleased with our building and with the relationship developed with this company.

Chief Shane Denham
Anniston Police Department