Synovus Centre

This project spurred the emergence of Columbus’ riverfront as a revitalized mixed-use destination. On a tight urban site flanked by new public parks and requiring relocation of public roadways, Synovus’ office headquarters’ traditional street-side façade addresses the historic downtown while the riverside façade is a more contemporary addition to the surrounding progressive community.

Location : Columbus, Georgia

Size: 127,400 SF

Completion : 2004


Alabama Council of The American Institute of Architects Merit Award, Commercial Category, 2006

It was really the catalyst for the uptown revitalization, including river-rafting on the Chattahoochee, renovation of the adjacent warehouse buildings into mixed-use, multi-family, retail, and restaurants.

Some of the best restaurants in Columbus are now in those buildings.

Mike Tillman
Executive Vice President, CMH Architects

I think it is the best of both worlds.

The architects did a good job. They have a good understanding of the Columbus look.

Jim Buntin
Former Synovus Senior Vice President