Hoar Construction Headquarters

Extensive renovations to Hoar HQ included the conversion of an unused break room into a multifunctional café space with adjacent gym, locker room, and yoga studio expansion. The main lobby, conference rooms, and executive suite were modernized, and underutilized office space was creatively flipped to become an inviting IT Department. CMH also incorporated art from Hoar’s existing collection, as well as new artwork created by some of CMH’s own talented employees and Principal.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

4th Floor Executive: 5,400+ SF

2nd Floor IT Department: 1,900+ SF

1st Floor Break Room: 3,200+ SF

Completion : 2019

Photography: Art Meripol

As both a builder and a building owner I have witnessed the way CMH pays attention to detail.

They are unique in their ability to be creative while maintaining the economic certainty of the project and provide an accurate set of documents for the builder.

Rob Burton
President, Hoar Construction