Then & Now: Mike Tillman

Birmingham, Ala. (Jan. 30, 2014) – Mike Tillman joined CMH Architects April 5, 1995, beginning as a project manager handling the design of Parisian Department Stores. In his 19 years with the firm, his incredible work ethic is the driving force behind his success at CMH. “He lives a project 24 hours a day and makes it his own,” says firm President Everett Hatcher. “And he is always sketching,” Hatcher says, recalling the hardbound sketchbooks that Mike carries with him, for when inspiration strikes. “By the end of two years, you could look back through one of his beat- up books and see a neat evolution of each project through notes and really nice sketches.”

“In addition to his off-the-charts hard work at the office, Mike has also worked tirelessly on his house over the years and has created one of the most extensive rear decks you will see in Birmingham,” says firm Senior Vice President Michael O’Kelley. “Some of us have joked that it is just a little smaller than something from Swiss Family Robinson.” Mike is currently working on Saks Fifth Avenue in San Juan and serves as the firm’s Executive Vice President.


Allen McCulla’s Woodworking

Birmingham, Ala. (July 24, 2013) – Allen McCulla is a Senior Associate with CMH Architects and has been with the firm for over 14 years. With a dual degree from Auburn University in Architecture and Building Science, he’s been the project architect for many complex projects, such as the Riverchase Galleria Renovation and The Shops of Grand River. On… Continued

Natural Lighting in the Nursing Home Setting

Birmingham, Ala. (September 25, 2014) – When we think of nursing homes, images of cold, institutional spaces typically come to mind. For many years nursing-home design was based more on hospital settings than what the space actually is: a home. By definition, the occupants are residents and not patients. The majority will live the rest of their… Continued

Meet our New Hire: Jeramie Little

Birmingham, Ala. (July 1, 2016) – Before the long Fourth of July weekend, we wanted to introduce one of our new hires: Jeramie Little.  Jeramie joined CMH at the beginning of June, and we are grateful to have such an enthusiastic new addition to the family.  He took some time to write a little about himself… Continued