Faith Promise Church

CMH provided masterplanning for the entire Faith Promise Church campus. The project included the addition of a 1,700-seat worship center and a two-story classroom wing. Existing areas of the campus were renovated to provide more commons space, a café, a bookstore, and intimate seating areas. 
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Location : Knoxville, Tennessee

Size: 59,000 SF

Completion: 2013

General Contractor: Myrick Gurosky + Associates (MG+A)

We (MG+A) selected CMH to partner with us on the Faith Promise project because of our comfort level with their team and their proven ability to come up with unique solutions on complex projects.

The project was a huge success as we were able to expand and renovate the existing worship center rather than having to build an all-new space, which ultimately saved our client millions of dollars. The project design and construction was fast-tracked as the church continued to remain operational on their campus for the duration of the project. It’s successful projects like these that give us confidence to continue our great partnership with CMH Architects.

Alan Dobbins
Director of Project Development, Myrick Gurosky + Associates