Roger Sparks

Project Architect

Roger Sparks excels in figuring out the details necessary to build a building. He can drill down to figure out all the little nuts, bolts, bends, and curves and how they all fit together so that it actually works. He thinks through the technical intricacies of every architectural detail and communicates effectively to make sure that the drawings are airtight and specified with laser precision.

Roger earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University soon after winning the Alabama Gas competition’s traveling scholarship which allowed him to study architecture and culture in Europe, Asia, and Africa. “With a friend’s loan, I stretched the trip out to nine months,” Roger recalls. “Seeing the sunrise on Mt. Everest was probably the peak of the trip. In Cairo, the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Museum of Cairo were amazing. I also spent two weeks on a nude beach in Goa on the west coast of India, but I’m not sure how much detail you want me to go into.” Case in point: Roger’s always willing to dive in when it comes to the details.

He worked for CMH in 1996 and ‘97, then returned in 2004 and works from Huntsville, where he and his wife (who have an arts & crafts business) moved to be closer to his kids and grandkids.