Mike Tillman

Executive Vice President| mtillman@cmharch.com

Mike Tillman is completely devoted to excellence in the practice of architecture. If he is working on a project, then he’s on that project 24/7. He has dual degrees from Auburn University in Architecture and Building Construction and is also only the second architect in the state to become an NCIDQ-certified Interior Designer, giving him knowledge of the complete design and construction process.

Mike’s wonderful hand sketches of building designs and masterplans are his trademark in our office. He invests his total focus on each client’s project, and chances are he’s working on that project over the weekend—not because there’s a deadline, but because, like a great book, he just can’t put it down. Mike has designed and managed every type of office, institutional, retail, mixed-use, and residential project in the CMH portfolio. He is extremely good at masterplanning complex projects from major mixed-use developments to sophisticated university planning.

You would think a grown man would know better, but Mike has gotten hooked on skydiving. And while his grown-up hobbies are of the thrill-seeking variety, his childhood fantasies were decidedly more brainy. He claims that, even as a boy, he has always wanted to be an architect—and as it turns out, he’s become an incredibly good one.