Justin Burkholder

Intern Architect & IT Manager

Justin Burkholder is the backbone of IT at the CMH office, so if there’s a technical question, he either knows the answer or he’ll figure out what the answer is. And with everyone always interrupting him with technical problems, he has an optimistic, almost eerily bright attitude about whatever system is in peril—perhaps because he is voraciously curious and truly eager to learn new technologies. When Justin is not cheerily solving what most of the office considers tedious exercises, he is at his workstation tackling his architectural duties. As an architectural intern, he is responsible for construction document production and construction administration.

“I love architecture because I love solving problems,” says Justin. “Designing allows us an avenue for creativity, but solving problems is at the heart of what we do.” In short, give Justin a problem to solve, and he plugs away at it until he finds a solution.

Justin is a graduate of Auburn University and holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design. When he is not busy solving problems at work, he is indulging his lifelong love of video-gaming.