Joan Parker


Joan Parker handles all financial and personnel-related matters for CMH. No matter how troublesome and complicated the billing on a project gets, Joan tackles it with patience and perseverance—due in part to her 30 years of experience in both public and private sector accounting, but also due in part to her talent and lifelong passion for accounting. As a girl, she took inventory of her Halloween candy and drafted promissory notes for Monopoly playmates.

“I love the daily work of keeping the financial side of the business running, even though most think it would drive them crazy,” says Joan. Every penny matters to Joan. She takes the lead and engages consultants, clients, and CMH staff to keep things organized, and she has streamlined and improved the firm’s financial system since taking over the books in 2010.

Joan holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from The University of Alabama. In her time away from work, she is often planning elaborately themed parties (Think: Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Stranger Things) with her two boys.