Jeffrey Black

Architect & Project Manager|

Jeffrey Black remembers being eye-level with the drafting tables, scattered with blueprints, pencils, scales, and levels at his father’s architecture firm. As a young man, he followed in his father’s footsteps, studying architecture at Auburn University. Jeff joined CMH in 1987 after earning his Bachelor of Architecture, making him the firm’s longest continuing employee. He has worked on many different types of buildings, including commercial and institutional projects.

CMH relies on Jeff to tackle some of our most difficult tasks and complex projects. It’s rare to find people who are really good at understanding topography and knowing how to work with it to make successful projects. Jeff excels in this regard. He is an expert in masterplanning to determine the viability of a site—a valuable asset for all client types. Moreover, Jeff’s in-depth understanding of the construction side is consistently evidenced by his mastery of the technical details and his ability to put a building together.

When he is not designing spaces that work for CMH clients, he’s creating projects in his backyard that give back to nature (and his friends’ and family’s taste buds). He has a small vegetable and herb garden, chickens producing fresh eggs daily, and it’s his second year as a beekeeper. “I have a couple of beehives and pull honey each summer,” says Jeff. “Last year, I pulled 60 pounds of honey, and this year, we pulled 80 pounds.”