Geoffrey A. Hyche

Intern Architect & Project Manager

Geoffrey Hyche is someone who everybody at CMH wants on their project team—he’s always one of the people who are fought over. And it’s because he’s not only very well organized and extremely detail-oriented, but he makes working with him fun. When it comes to Geoff, people  toss around phrases like “a ray of sunshine,” “best personality,” “funny,” “great attitude,” and “a joy.”

But when he is not making people smile, he gets serious about work, producing thorough construction documents with the direct aim of making the entire construction process go as smoothly as possible. He can navigate very complicated tasks, whether it’s a tenant prototype set or just getting something organized for submission to a city. He focuses and consistently produces thoughtfully prepared and extremely organized documents, and his colleagues never have to second-guess a thing.

“I love architecture, because I love knowing, in some way, no matter how small, I am contributing to a better-built environment for people,” says Geoff. He has worked for CMH for over 10 years and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University.“

I play saxophone,” says the self-professed ‘Band Geek for Life,’ adding, “Look out, Kenny G.” Geoffrey loves Disney, and as a child, he dreamt of being an architect of theme parks. These days, he travels to Disney theme parks (at least once a year), as well as other destinations—Hawaii and Bonaire being among his recent faves—and his desk is a colorful shrine to his travels. In fact, his workspace is a perfect reflection of the man: thoroughly organized and filled with personality.