Everett Hatcher

Most architects can only do architecture, but Everett Hatcher is not your typical architect. He began his practice at the age of 15 as an architectural intern, followed by architecture studies at Auburn University, where he also briefly served as an instructor of design, but he also went on to cofound CMH in 1980. And for nearly 40 years, Everett has proven that he not only has a command of the practical realities of architecture and construction, he also has a superior understanding of how to make a business work. He understands the financial implications of each decision and has prioritized making good decisions for the long-term, as well as in the moment.

“I really enjoy interacting with our clients, learning about their work and then being able to make them more successful because of our designs is very fulfilling for me,” says Everett, who is a master of engaging with people in any given format. He easily connects with people on a personal level, and at the end of the day, in a business that is all about relationships, that skill set is what keeps CMH engaged in new and exciting projects.

He has an innate ability to know when a project works and when it doesn’t. He can easily gauge the progression of the firm’s projects without having to micromanage, but he also has a knack for hiring talent he doesn’t have to micromanage. “Most of the staff have been with CMH for a long time,” says Everett. “We have developed a respect for each other and a trust that each of us gives 110% to our work.” In the CMH studio, Everett lets his inner design instructor out with the architectural interns, where he shines as a mentor, helping them hone their craft and apply it to real-world scenarios.

When he’s not working, Everett is either painting wildlife and landscapes, out exploring the great outdoors, or he’s supporting conservation initiatives. “I love being outdoors, whether it’s fishing, hunting, sailing, or watching my bird dogs work,” he says. “Conservation of our resources is very important to me.”