Derek Carson

Associate Vice President / Creative Director|

Derek Carson started at CMH early in his career, not long after earning his Bachelor of Industrial Design from Auburn University. He is an incredible talent when it comes to creating compelling graphic presentations, conceptual studies for building designs, and 3D visuals for proposals and marketing purposes through his involvement in the design process. He returned to the firm in 2018 after six productive years of running his own design business, so he also has a keen business sense.

When he’s not at work, you can find Derek holding his wife’s purse while she is shopping, or holding his sons’ used Popsicle sticks as they eat more Popsicles. He is really good at holding things! In his spare time (between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. while his family is asleep), Derek enjoys running really, really far on nature trails. His farthest run was a leisurely 74-mile jog through the mountains. It’s easy, then, to understand why Forrest Gump is his favorite movie. When he can’t escape to the woods for a daylong gallop, he finds physical gratification in making quotidian chores feats of gargantuan strength, such as making only one trip from the car to the house with a week’s worth of groceries.