Bradford Moore Smith

Graduate Architect

A previous CMH intern herself, Bradford Moore Smith made the move to Birmingham to rejoin CMH in an official capacity as an intern architect in 2023. Her love for architecture blossomed during her childhood while exploring the buildings and cathedrals of Europe with her parents and two sisters. Bradford pursued her Bachelor of Architecture at Auburn University, graduated, and went to work at a firm where she gained experience project-planning and designing residential projects, as well as a wide range of commercial project types—including healthcare, hospitality, education, religious, retail, and municipal.

She appreciates the range of work CMH offers, saying, “I love designing a variety of spaces and seeing how those spaces positively impact the lives of individuals…I believe the opportunity to design a diverse array of spaces and to work with clients from a spectrum of industries allows us to grow as designers, continuously expanding our creativity and further understanding how other people and businesses interact every day.”

When Bradford is not working at CMH, she is adding more stamps to her passport with her husband, hanging out with friends and family, or curating her wardrobe with her latest fashion finds. The self-described “Swiftie” has watched every episode of all 10 seasons of Friends 17 times. We’ve crunched the numbers and that comes to a grand total of 4,012 episodes watched. “Pivot!”