Blake Nelson

Senior Vice President|

Blake Nelson joined CMH upon graduation from Auburn University in 1998 and became owner in 2011. As Senior Vice President of the firm, Blake possesses a wealth of experience in many of our building types. He is a seasoned pro with a preternatural gift for the profession. Once a client has worked with Blake, he is the only architect that the client wants managing their project. He is remarkably calm and easygoing in a profession that can be trying. But Blake sees each challenge as an opportunity to solve a problem and create another innovative design solution. Blake is also a talented communicator and works well with others. To put it simply and in his own words: “I think a good architect has not only the required knowledge of and experience in the profession but a lack of ego and the ability to create spaces that make life better.”

Blake has experience in K-12 schools, as well as several projects for Auburn University, and many mixed-use projects that include retail, office, and residential components.

When Blake is away from the office, he’s most likely running, mountain biking, or doing other things in the great outdoors. He is also deeply involved in his church, where he is a founding member and a deacon. And Blake likes everything about cars—washing, detailing, and driving them. In short, his driving persona is much like his professional demeanor: focused, detailed, considerate, direct—and always with an eye on the final destination.