Ashley Campbell

Intern Architect & Project Manager

“She is the most thorough and organized person I think I have ever known,” says CMH Executive Vice President Mike Tillman of Ashley Campbell, which is saying something, because the competition for organized individuals at CMH is stiff. Ashley has a commitment to a very high level of quality and will go the distance to ensure that her projects meet that standard of excellence.

The Mobile, Alabama, native moved to Birmingham in 2008 after graduating from Auburn University. Ashley initially went to Auburn to study veterinary medicine with dreams of becoming a zoo vet or studying animal behavior in Africa. However, after her second year as a pre-vet/zoology major, she faced a tough decision over which lifelong passion of hers would ultimately decide her career: her love of animals or her love of art and math. Obviously, she chose the latter and earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Since joining the CMH team in 2012, Ashley has worked on several large commercial and lifestyle centers from design development through construction administration, a leg of the process that Ashley takes seriously. She writes the most thorough job site reports and is a force to be reckoned with for those who try to take shortcuts.

When she’s not taking names on job sites, she enjoys baking, photography, learning foreign languages, and hanging with friends and family. Cheering on her Auburn Tigers and Chicago Cubs is also a pretty big deal. Lastly, her love of animals still shines through when it comes to the topic of her 1-year-old German Shepherd mix, Rizzo. “He is still in the puppy phase so he can be crazy at times and loves to destroy everything,” says Ashley. “But deep down, he is the sweetest dog and loves to snuggle and give kisses.”