Gus Mayer Relocation Spotlight

Birmingham, Ala. (June 17, 2016) – We are ending the work week with a spotlight on one of our older projects, the relocation of the Gus Mayer!  The owners at Gus Mayer approached CMH regarding design of their new store at The Summit, asking for a new store that would clearly define their position in the Women’s Clothing market with a higher profile location and architectural style that helped them stand out among the other tenants in the Summit community.

The new 19,000 SF store required combining three existing tenant spaces with three separate electrical, plumbing and mechanical fire protection systems into one new tenant space.  During programming, CMH realized that the most cost-effective solution to provide the tenant with their required square footage was to build a new expansion on the rear of the store to house non-public uses such as storage, alterations and visual in a lower cost area.  The new exterior façade was designed as a simple, black and white elevation that would clearly distinguish it from the other more decorative architecture at The Summit.  The hardscape façade includes large glazed areas for fashion merchandising displays including changeable rotating graphic displays within the Women’s Shoe area.


Riverchase Renovation

As part of an overall renovation of the Riverchase Galleria, CMH developed a phased renovation of the mall concourses, center court, restrooms, and parking decks. This beautiful image shows the innovative fabric design at work in the cavernous, skylighted food court. It adds tons of “color and interest” to the space. The parking deck renovations… Continued

Saks Fifth Avenue – San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico (March 18, 2016) – This project is one of the two main anchors for The Mall of San Juan in Puerto Rico.  Strategically located in the center of the San Juan metro area, the urban site presents a number of spatial, logistical, construction and design challenges.  The buildings adjacency to the mall,… Continued

Lifestyle Center Timeline

Birmingham, Ala. (July 22, 2016) – In the 2000s, the lifestyle center became the darling of retail shopping.  In the years from 2000 to 2008 CMH designed 23 lifestyle centers with a total area of 7.8 million square feet.  See chart below to view our major contributions to the rapid rise of this popular shopping venue.