Homewood Justice Center

This project site’s extremely steep incline presented a challenge, which CMH met by engaging the three-story building into the hillside, in the process saving $1 million in site work costs. Homewood’s modern public safety building houses the police department, municipal courts, municipal jail facilities, e911 center, crime lab, evidence storage, and a state-of-the-art security system.

Location : Homewood, Alabama

Size: 57,500 SF

Completion : July 2019

Once we got the survey, we realized the difference in elevation from the top of the site to the bottom is 70 feet.

So, we had to significantly modify the two-story design to be a three-story design, with public parking and entrance in the front and staff parking and entrance in the back. The goal was to move the police department’s three separate locations and myriad departments (jail, courts, training, administration, e911, patrol division, detective division, and SWAT team) all together under one roof. Besides the site, we also tackled the challenge of meeting their budget. The original design was $25 million, and we redesigned it to be an efficient solution that met their $21 million all-inclusive budget.

Billy Morace
Quality Control & Construction Administrator, CMH Architects

It has been a great experience working with professionals at CMH.

They have always been helpful and knowledgeable about anything we have ever brought to them. They listened to our wants and needs for our new building, and they brought us something that is going to be great to work with for years to come. They have led us through this $21+ million project, and I can recommend them without any reservations at all.

Captain Ben Sutton
Homewood Police Department