Stephanie Clements Britton

Associate Vice President|

“Architecture is a blend of art and science, both fact-based and creative. It’s also a profession that is constantly focused on problem-solving, so you never run out of things to learn,” says Stephanie Britton, who joined CMH upon graduation from Auburn University in 2002, after earning degrees in both Architecture and Interior Architecture. She was named Associate Vice President and shareholder in 2018.

Extremely thorough and great at engaging with any type of client, Stephanie knows how to handle every aspect of a project. Her architectural acumen and keen design sense serve her as project architect and manager in all phases of planning, design, construction documents, and construction administration. She is a great team leader, and she is not afraid to speak up or push back in order to protect the integrity of a project and to keep it within budget and on schedule. She works on a wide variety of project types, including retail, religious, office, institutional, and mixed-use.

Stephanie and her husband, Matt, love to travel, especially with the aim of seeing a truly great concert once they reach their destination. When they are home, they are either tackling home improvement projects or enjoying the fruits of their labor, like their fabulous new patio, along with a sauvignon blanc for her and an IPA for him. A self-professed “total weather nerd,” Stephanie has taken meteorology classes and is a trained storm spotter. That weather-nerd passion stems from a propensity to decipher things that intrigue her, a tendency that makes the design process in her projects virtually seamless.