Kim Davis

Executive Administrative Assistant & Office Manager

Kim Davis has been with CMH long enough that she knows where the bodies are buried. She knows how to find anything—physically or electronically. And when she’s not helping panicked architects find things, Kim coordinates with consultants and clients, generates proposals, distributes crucial documents, marketing materials, slideshow presentations, and more. She is skilled at InDesign and takes the lead on creating compelling and beautiful presentations, booklets, RFP responses, and tenant manuals, as well as arranging all office events and travel.

“My favorite thing about CMH, in‌ ‌general, is that I’ve been here so long, as have most of the staff, that it feels like family—you can usually speak your mind, and they still love you,” says Kim, who joined CMH as a receptionist in 1997 while attending The University of Alabama at Birmingham for her degree in Business Management. Most notably, Kim is the life of the party at CMH. The office turns drab and dull when she’s gone, which happens a couple of times a year when she takes off for the Caribbean.